Doggy Spots

Most dog owners are like me, I keep the doggy dishes in the kitchen where everyone can kick them over.  It is always a challenge to find a place where the food and water dishes are available to the dog, but not in the way of its owners, and is also convenient to refill and clean.  I am seeing more and more requests to accommodate our little paw-footed friends in kitchen and bath design and beyond.  And a challenge it is.  Thanks to we can see examples of how designers are designing with Fido in mind.

The most logical way to integrate a “feeding station” into a kitchen remodel, is to leave some floor space open between cabinets.

Or if you have some empty wall space underneath stairs or near a closet, you can build a niche into the wall.

For our larger and older canine friends, a little boost in elevation is more comfortable.  You can build-in a toekick underneath the dish, to lift the dishes a few inches, which is helpful when cleaning floors.

In the image below, the designer has lifted the dishes and installed a solid surface under the dishes for easy clean-up.

If your dog is like mine, he likes to hang-out in the kitchen and wait for scraps.  Some homeowners have gone as far as having a doggie lounge built-in to their space (so they can relax while they wait for appetizers).  This kitchen features a window seat for the dog.

Or build a covered bed so you still have a surface on top.  This photo shows a bed that is built into a buffet area.

Another trend for dog lovers is to build-in a dog washing station in the Mudroom or Laundry.  A small, tub / shower with a pull-down shower head at a comfortable height for owners, can be ultra convenient and less stress on the doggies.

Another fun way to integrate a sleeping area is to create an indoor dog house within the walls of the space.

The dog house below is also a tunnel to the outdoors.  It doubles as a dog house and doggie door.

Its clear that homeowners will go the mile to establish comfort in our homes for our pets, because they are truly part of the family.

By Nicolette Patton, CKD